Monday, July 05, 2010

Psychic octopus? LOL

So someone came up with the idea of letting an octopus pick which team will win whenever Germany plays, since the octopus is a German one (or owned by a German)... It even has a name, Paul, LOL. Just google the combination of words octopus, world cup, Germany, and you'll get the clips. Quite funny really. I wonder if some scientists will now conduct a research on cognitive/psychic abilities of octopuses LOL. Then people probably will turn from eating takoyaki to worshipping octopuses (if they can predict accurately LOL). *sigh* I miss eating takoyaki...

Anyway, I'm happy that two of my favourites made it this far into the tournament. My favourite outcome will of course be a Holland vs Spain final. It doesn't really matter which of the two lift the cup. Germany will be a tough opponent and Spain does need to buck up. I haven't seen how Uruguay plays, but I hope Holland makes it through. Nothing is certain and upsets have been aplenty (but I think that's what people say every World Cup LOL), so hopefully there's no upset for that match eh?

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