Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Nodame Cantabile

Status: 11 episodes (completed)

Synopsis: Chiaki is a talented musician in Momogaoka College of Music. He is a pianist, but in reality, he wants to be a conductor. However, a fear of flying has prevented him from pursuing his desire to be with his mentor, a famous conductor in Prague. His neighbour is Noda Megumi, a talented but lazy pianist who actually wants to become a kindergarten teacher.
One day, Chiaki blew up at his teacher and as a result, he had to change and share a teacher with Nodame. So a romantic comedy begins...

Eye-candies: Tamaki Hiroshi as Chiaki Shinichi, Eita as Mine Ryutarou, Ueno Juri as Noda Megumi(Nodame)

Why you should watch: This drama is absolutely hilarious. It's special effects are truly "manga-like", especially Nodame's "Gyabo~". Another thing that had me laughing hard was Chiaki's facial expressions. He can really come up with outrageous faces hahah... Nodame's love rival(s) were equally hilarious. There's Masami with his Afro-hair (yes, Chiaki attracted male admirers hahah) & a new guy who I can't remember his name. Their attempts to gain Chiaki's attention are so funny haha...

Apart from that, the setting is pretty interesting. This is the first time I've watched something so 'musical'. They had an orchestra and the actors were also playing instruments e.g. piano (Chiaki & Nodame), violin (Mine & Kiyora), timpani etc.

Chiaki was played very well by Tamaki. He looked totally different from his previous roles. Cool, proud and very controlled. He's talented, can cook and can clean the house. Though a bit conceited, he actually cares about the people around him. I think Chiaki would make a perfect boyfriend haha... Ueno also pulled it off quite well. The strange accent and klutzy character made Nodame much more interesting to watch.

And if you really enjoyed this drama, don't forget to watch Tamaki and Ueno as guests on Bistro SMAP, where they had to judge food cooked by members of SMAP (which includes Kimura Takuya haha -- download if you wanna see Takuya cooking :P). Tamaki's reaction was hilarious! And Ueno, she sometimes talked like her character, Nodame hahaha...

Sidenote: HYD2 has started! F4 certainly has become much better after a year haha. *coughruiandsoujiroucough* And Toma/Junpei was great! 15 episodes for this season, I wonder if I have enough space --;;

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