Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hooked on TV

I won't update about the raya celebrations. It's been done by everyone. Plus I haven't got any pictures to share..
I'd rather update on the current shows I'm watching. hooked on a couple of new shows..Well, almost the whole flat is currently glued to the screen every evening after dinner :p

1. Prison Break
A new show in the US about Michael, who purposely got himself into prison for the purpose of breaking his brother out of the prison. He believes his brother, who is on the death row for killing the Vice President's brother, to be innocent. This guy's one brilliant strategist and he has planned their escape well. But no plan is ever perfect. There're bound to be hitches sometime. Nonetheless, he's pretty confident of his plan because he helped design the prison hahah...This show stars Wentworth Miller[the younger brother in Dinotopia] as Michael. isk..that's the only name I could remember..heheh..Pretty interesting because we know he's a good guy who had to mix with the bad guys to get things done. There's conspiracy working in the background as well to keep you wondering who really killed the VP's brother..

2. Supernatural
Another show about brothers. This time Dean[Jensen Ackles] and Sam[Dean in Gilmore Girls] are brothers trying to find their missing father and their mother's killer. At the same time, they work as 'ghostbusters', killing evil and help protect other innocent people. People who don't know that they should be afraid of the dark because there are real monsters. One line said by Sam goes something like "When I said to Dad there's a monster in my closet, he gave me a 9mm." So far, I've watched 2 episodes and each one's like watching a short horror movie. The 1st was the scaries so far, maybe because it reminded me of one of the ghost stories we often hear back home...The show got me hooked because I want to find out what thing killed their mother, and what other ghost stories that the director can come up with..It also helped that the 2 brothers are kakkoi :p

3. Amazing Race 8
This one's the family edition. 10 teams of 4 compete against each other for $1M. It's supposed to be a race around the world, but so far they're still racing in the US. Which is pretty boring because one of the main reason I watch this show is because of the participants visit to other foreign countries. But I'd still watch to see whether they do get out of the US. Plus, they have some cameos by past seasons' participants...

4. Hana Yori Dango
Well, looks like I got the whole flat hooked on this series..Now all of us would be waiting impatiently for the next episodes..and the subtitles as well.. Arfa pon dah terpengaruh..haha..

Hmm..that's 4...and then there's the usual staple of CSI, CSI:NY and Desperate Housewives episodes to watch..And I'm still mulling over watching Medium. I watched the 1st season, and I'd like to see what happens in the 2nd one..but it looks like I've got a lot on my plate for now..

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